This morning I attended my very first Symposium hosted by the History Department. I was able to attend the 9 am one proctored by Dr. Fernsebner.  Overall the three presentations were all interesting and well researched. I enjoyed how diverse they were. I never would have thought to do a research project on paper dolls. The other two presentations were very educational and very informative and I liked how we even got to hear some rag time music. The three ladies that presented were very brave to go up there and present their research to so many colleagues. Granted I know it take a lot of guts to go up there and talk for 8 minutes to a room full of people, I believe they could have spoken a little louder. They did do a good job trying to make eye contact with everyone there, but they could have moved around a little more. From personal experience, it is hard to avoid the “um” but there were a few slip ups with those as well. I really enjoyed seeing how much more they relaxed when they began to engage with the audience when they answered questions and how the audience engaged back with them. Overall I am glad I went and I have a better idea what I have to look forward to when it is my turn to present in the near future.

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