Themes that Interest Me in History

If you ask me what themes interest me I history, I find that hard to answer. History in general fascinates me, and it is hard to find just one topic that I am passionate about. I can find something fascinating about any topic in history. I have to be honest I have not focused a lot of my time on Asian history, but there is a topic I do find that is highly interesting to me and that is the subject of foot binding.

I was aware that the Chinese practiced foot binding for many years, but what really brought the subject to my attention was not necessarily a history book, but a beautiful story by Lisa See called “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.” Since then I have always wanted to learn more about the practice from when it became popular in Chinese culture, to the process of bindings one feet, the effects it had on the individual who had their feet done, to how it stopped being practiced.

Slipper for a bound foot

Van Haeften, Ashley. Woman’s Slipper for Bound Foot. 2015. Available from Flickr, (accessed September 14, 2017)

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